Names of parts of the Japanese sword blade polishing

The first stage is the first big step, called “Shimoji research.” Its main purpose is to organize the shape, grinding out a preliminary form of work.
First on the whetstone, is “Iyo Tobe,” which produced in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture area, in addition to “Omura Tobe” and so on, now is also useful in synthetic diamond whetstone. Such whetstone generally referred to as “shortage Tobe” sophistication are about 400 mesh, texture is relatively hard, good cutting ability, to remove surface rust and a variety of hard to carry out major shaping tool.
After finishing the surface with a whetstone shortage, we need to put “prepared water Tobe.” Preparation of water Tobe produced in Amakusa region in Kumamoto Prefecture, the mesh is still about 400 mesh, but the hardness is not very high, it can be a good clean out Previous shortage Tobe traces, while the finishing touches blade and large flaws, ho as straight lines, lines, and buildings. Because behind the whetstone is not capable of doing this kind of dressing, so this step if not handled properly, it may eventually be reworked.
After preparation with water shortage Tobe Tobe eliminate traces, and then “correct Tobe” Tool grinding out the preliminary text of the blade and picks, the cutter knife personal style began to emerge prototype. Tobe correction produced in Yamagata Prefecture, thickness of about 600 mesh, texture is relatively hard.
Once the tool edge research paper, the polishing step will mean big operation to an end, and will thereafter is more meticulous polishing, substantially entered the art category.

Craftsmanship skills - talk about a samurai sword polishing technique!

Craftsmanship skills - talk about a samurai sword polishing technique!3

Craftsmanship skills – talk about a samurai sword polishing technique!

Japan Tool grinding technique, is a very complex manual skills, good research a good knife-edged research division, time can be as long as several months, because it is not just a simple knife sharpening.
Japan is a volcanic country, Japan grinding knife whetstone there are many lava, Japanese and even specially developed a lot summarized grinding stone veins, some of which mesh up to 6,000 head, is extremely delicate. Of course, these stones price is quite expensive, usually denominated in grams, ordinary people can not afford, which is why the ancient Japanese warriors and nobles will usually only one of the reasons samurai sword used. Because Katana routine maintenance costs are too high, even now, a Japanese sword most common grinding costs, they have to spend a month’s salary Japanese.
Here, we take a look at a good teacher is how to carry out this research work it.Craftsmanship skills - talk about a samurai sword polishing technique!4

Weight in grams of fixing prices within Tan whetstone. This is not aniseed before cutting, you must carefully choose when to use the stone ribs, cut into small pieces using a thin, otherwise it will scratch the polished good tool to rework lead to naught. Serious injury case, or even start from scratch.
Every knife made division has its own style, for example, where he used the ore, smelting what way, how reclaimer, forging, hardening, almost all of them different. These differences can also be expressed by the research division of the grinding ability.
After a good research division got a knife, he was not the first time have to move the hand, but the eyes and brain. He must first determine what time it is, who works at least what genre works, observe what defects and damage, and then decided what research method, in order to better demonstration of the knife on all content. Of course, it can not be determined, the next step may be performed, but this is not guaranteed outstanding work style to make it more distinctive characteristics of this point.

Craftsmanship skills - talk about a samurai sword polishing technique!

Craftsmanship skills - talk about a samurai sword polishing technique!2

According to the present Ami family argument, research division got a knife, not to attack first, but should look at the ten days, or even twenty days until fathom this knife to do it. It has been almost a Zen.

Therefore, a good research division, first division must be a bit of art appreciation, to the history of the personal style of each genre and Cutler overripe in the chest.
The first stage of the grinding operation, is a modified plastic. The steps of this stage how much, because there is a certain difference between the different objects. For example, the new forging a good knife and knife regrinding finished, there is difference. New office knife, do not go in depth and possible surface rust blade of rust, but to correct some of the flaws forging, such as forging marks or pick lines are not straight, etc., which need to use a number of tools and processes. The antique knife there may be some other problems, such as scoliosis, can not be recycled nor cold forging, or will seriously damage the cutter body and even change the crystal structure, it is a very technical examination process. Specifically how to do, and that is the secret of their research division, in order to respect their efforts and crystallization, I keep a little mystery of it.
After the initial surgery, is the beginning of a real sense ground.
From this point onwards, the Japanese sword polishing usually divided into two phases and seven steps process to use a variety of whetstone and other materials. I am here to say, in fact, is a relatively simple process.

Katana ranked the first in the world? Chinese bamboo history of weapons to its nemesis, defeated Japan

Katana is called the top ten Mito, it is also one of the ten weapons in the world, and the world-famous guns in parallel. Katana its excellent performance has an absolute position in the world and enjoy the cold weapons in the best reputation and reputation.
Katana ranked first in the world Mito? Chinese bamboo history of weapons to its nemesis, defeated Japan

However, historically, Chinese bamboo as a weapon, actually turned into a samurai sword killer. Ming Dynasty pirates violated China’s southeast coast. Qi Jiguang in combat, bamboo can be found in China’s effective against a samurai sword, which invented the wolf bamboo brush for utensils (sound xiǎn), and specialized organizations trained soldiers wolf bamboo brush for utensils.

Katana ranked first in the world MitoChinese bamboo history of weapons to its nemesisdefeated Japan

Its mechanical shape weight stagnation, the first sharp instrument such as a pipette tip, mechanical end attached several layers of multi-blade-shaped branches, dense branches festival was strong shape. Attached branches up to 60 cm, the shortest 25 cm. Bar 5 meters long. Head and stem are made of iron, weighing about 3500 grams, it is the force of the people to use.

Katana ranked first in the world MitoChinese bamboo history of weapons to its nemesisdefeated Japan

Katana ranked first in the world Mito Chinese bamboo history of weapons to its nemesis defeated Japan2

The decline of Japanese sword in history

The decline of Japanese sword
Japanese sword can be said that Japan’s historical evolution weathervane.
Early Heian era, the war gradually increased, imitation Japanese sword out of the road have their own development.
The late Heian period, Japan’s civil unrest reached a climax, the Japanese sword is gradually becoming more mature.
Kamakura era, samurai regime is established, the development of Japanese sword entered a peak period.
Warring States era, with the scale of civil strife has reached an unprecedented height, the yield on the Japanese sword, technology has also been a huge increase.

In the history of Japanese swords, the Kamakura period is considered to be an insurmountable peak, in this era, the emergence of a large number of the ancient famous Cutler, they laid the foundation of Japanese sword. And to the Warring States period, Japanese sword gradually began altar, Seiko small workshops gradually toward the large-scale production. With the progress of history, Japanese sword off the stage of history has become almost a necessity.

Tang Dynasty from Tang sword223

Tang Dynasty from Tang sword22

Tang Dynasty from Tang sword2

Tokugawa Ieyasu in Osaka summer array annihilate the remnants of the Toyotomi family, established the Tokugawa shogunate of Japan unified, Japan also entered a period of peace as long as three hundred years. During this period, Japanese sword forging process of gradual decline, while the corresponding, aspects of Japanese sword, etc. are loaded with great development. After the Japanese sword gradually become gorgeous, away from the idea of using the standard became a plaything in the hands of the aristocracy.

Japanese samurai glory – samurai sword history

Japan’s unique weapon to the sword, can be said that Japanese sword forged the history of Japan. Japanese history and Japanese sword, what kind of origin? Japanese sword, improved by the Tang Dynasty from Tang sword. Its wholly-called flat-broken section duplexes dark pattern edge, the edge is one of the world’s three most famous.

Tang Dynasty from Tang sword

Since the beginning of the Heian period sword few saved up to now, it is difficult to determine when to start by the Japanese sword turned into a straight knife machete. According to historians to judge, Japanese sword shape change is due to the mid-Heian period after the war continued, but due to the extensive use of cavalry, resulting in an easy to use machetes immediately began to pop up. Cross-section of Japanese sword is also made flat flat, cut into diamond-shaped blade made of ho made. In this case, one of the basic characteristics of Japanese sword, ho have been made. Ho-made sword made with respect to the flat and has a stronger cutting edge made chopping force. However, the Japanese sword is not an easy transition, during this period, there have been promised different shapes of Japanese sword. Such as blade and handle forged with molded hair pulling too sword-shaped tip and side portions of the blade is too small KARASUMA shaped sword.

Kabar style reproduction – US CAMILLUS KNIFE

MK2 knife fighting is not only KA-BAR (not Ontario, Canada, oh) in building, as well as the United States Ontario, another US military equipment is more brands: CAMILLUS, a young German immigrant ADOLPH KASTOR 1876 in New York founded Tool Company ( 2005 declared bankruptcy).
But after commercial production Kabbah seems amazing, so collections will not find it filled with both Kabbah, the goal is relatively low yields, relatively less survive in the world of CAMILLUS MK2 naval combat knife.
In terms of appearance, quality, surface coating, and even leather sheath are difficult to distinguish who is who, the only difference is the knife stems inscriptions. CAMILLUS knife fighting during World War II fame, brilliant moment, usually in ordinary shops selling much, but can be purchased from the US military bases around the unit to service, but this is a thing of the past century. CAMILLUS MK2 substantially after the first Gulf War discontinued, the company has been poor operating conditions, no shore experienced several strikes after 2005, the price was $ 200,000 buyout of United Cutlery Company, continued to follow “CAMILLUS” brand, but could not build this classic MK2 knife.
Recently Amoy to a “Unissued” – not allot naval combat knives, and Marine Corps version compared to leather scabbard and hilt are black, while the real USMC fighting knife was never marked on the leather sheath. ” USMC “Seal.

Kabar style reproduction - US CAMILLUS KNIFE6

Kabar style reproduction - US CAMILLUS KNIFE5

Kabar style reproduction - US CAMILLUS KNIFE4

Kabar style reproduction - US CAMILLUS KNIFE3

Kabar style reproduction - US CAMILLUS KNIFE2

Kabar style reproduction - US CAMILLUS KNIFE

U.S American Tommy Lee Cutler appreciation: straight knife Art

American Association Cutler knife master tommy lee engaged for decades, now retired. tommy lee good at making traditional straight knife, which he designed the classic style of foreign manufacturers has been discussed over the production, a good reputation. And this knife was all handmade, well-made, feel good. Classic Edge, back to true edge. Handles fit fine, hand carved gilt guard, handle gold mosaic neat. Tommy lee is all tools in one of the most representative works.

American Association Cutler knife master tommy lee

American Association Cutler knife master tommy lee2

American Association Cutler knife master tommy lee3

American Association Cutler knife master tommy lee4

Secret samurai sword manufacturing process [Multi pictures]

Japanese sword, is the name given to China, reportedly from a song called one of the Tang and Song of the Northern Song Dynasty poet Ouyang Xiu “Japanese sword song.” In Japan, called knife (ka ta na), or the sword (zu ru gi). It called the dark light pattern edge, one of the world’s three most famous plane broken blade segment duplexes. Depending on the shape, size, divided into too knife, fighting sword, Wakizashi (threat means), and so on.

Secret samurai sword manufacturing process

Japanese sword, not just weapons, but a fine art, art. So the history of precipitation Japanese sword, is how to make out of it? Japanese swords with you Quest Institute workout.

Secret samurai sword manufacturing process 2

In signs the Japanese sword Institute workout facade a little break, a little sign, and this world-class Japanese sword a little influence do not match.

sword, originally a murder weapon sight of blood, human weapon, and Japanese sword, but beyond the weapon, but has a beauty of art. Japan proportion generally handle and the blade is 1: 4, the handle grip with both hands, slash at smb powerful, in control of the degree of bending “was playing” (also known as “internal matter”) that is under spearpoint 16.7mm at chopping time here the greatest power, is in line with the principles of mechanics.

Secret samurai sword manufacturing process 4

In Japan sword maker called “sworder”, “Cutler” or “sword blacksmith.” Japanese sword on a system of law set a very high technology, in general, we need to go through the system sword blade, hardened, polished after the sword with white wooden handle with blade sheath to hold the sale, and handle, a sheath sword Tan, etc. install another line of business, by a specialized metalworking (flange workers) decorated, and each teacher. sword Japanese history have factions, there is the exclusive craftsmen shogunate, daimyo.

Secret samurai sword manufacturing process 7

Jade Steel Tempered indigenous traditional Japanese. This is a low temperature steelmaking furnace temperature does not exceed 1000 ℃. This method may seem primitive, but modern steelmaking process compared to high temperature, can be condensed out of a pure good-quality steel.

Secret samurai sword manufacturing process 9

Japanese sword is so slim, why continue to maintain a sharp blade and on the battlefield?

This system may start talking about cutting edge and ancient weapons manufacturing process different from other Asian countries, at a very early time, on the use of the Japanese sword steel clip craft, popular understanding is that the sword blade, blade, blade with a different steel material to create, in the case that it can maintain a sharp blade still maintain their strength. Also mentioned in the above process only prototype and build it, is not the true sense of the Japanese sword in Japan known as the “pill forging”, “cutting edge iron” or “several dozen objects” (ie, the number can be made a day the Blade). However, such tools easily broken, yet can not be considered a completed tool. Must be followed specifically for the production of the cutter body, the body can not use the sword pure steel, as hard as steel, but it is easy to break, but to create an auxiliary mix of wrought iron.

keep samurai sword stronger3

After the combination of both is not easy to bend, but not easy to fold. According to Western scholars, this unique process of forming in the late 10th century, and now the process of pattern steel welding technology is slightly different. In order to distinguish, it is called a composite blade or blade collet. Common combination of the Japanese sword blade guard has three, (the upcoming steel sandwiched between two layers of iron) combined with a volume (ie iron for the heart, outsourcing steel). More refined, there are the “three together” (back to the iron blade, blade of steel sandwiched between two layers of iron), “scold Quartet” (with an iron material is dry, the left and right respectively of iron bars, steel bars to edge back edge, up and down together with iron), “five pieces together” (together the same basic structure and volume, plus a layer of an intermediate layer between the core material and latitude steel). But also in the edge frangible portion (eg handle) plus special iron materials. Blade material combinations must be in the red hot state, the different properties of different materials have been playing together as one way delay, and must ensure that the whole edge homogeneous. After rasping and quenching is a standard Japanese sword.

keep samurai sword stronger

classification japanese sword:katana,wakizashi,tanto,tachi,

Japanese sword (katana) is generally divided into the four most common combat swords to injure katana fight is with Bob and many warriors like plug and a large knife in a little finger on the sword sheath is generally used to play cutter and cut the rope or manicure (I do not tell him)

short point about 40-60 cm rib wakizashi is usually called secondary or backup to prevent the attack hit the guy with the sword did not lose face off

Then a short three dagger tanto and dagger almost there are many women wear some of assassination by some of some special ritual sword (x wire warrior only difference rib seppuku)

There is also a Tachi (narrow) is symbolic ceremonial guy Tokugawa personal status so that the ships do not come to him sword to injure

soul of katana sword2